Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Suiced squad

Suicde squad is the most dangerous gang in the world you never want to mess with harly qwin and el  burno and deadshot they are in jail with high security they made a deal that they would go on a mission that is really dangerous and they need to kill these some sort of zombies and they need to find a crystal and destroy it and then al of the zombies will magically disappear and the deal was that if they did the Misson the would be out of jail. While they were on the Misson harly qwin smashed a window and got. Little hand bag were bad guys that's what we do. 

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Galaxy 11 vs aliens soccer

Description: This is the first time that Messi and Ronaldo and some othe really good players have ever played together against an aliens team. The ship gets ready to take off to space because that is where the game is going to be held. The aliens are really big. Ronaldo,Messi and Rooney are strikers, the 3 best strikers in the world. The match starts. Messi passed to Ronaldo. Messi gets shoved by the alien. The alien captain bicycle kicked the ball into the goal. It is 1-0 to the aliens. Galaxy 11 uses their skills to get past the alien team. Ronaldo gets tackled. It is a free kick. Ronaldo never misses a goal, but the alien goalkeeper saved it. The alien goalkeeper passed to his teammate. The alien shoved everyone who was in his way. The alien captain takes a shot and he gets another goal. It is now 2-0. We are losing! Luckily Messi skilled all of the alien team and he scores a goal. It is now 2-1.We are coming back! The half time whistle blowed. The manger gets to talk to his team. It is now second half. The alien captain goes for the goal. The goalkeeper saved it - the first save for Galaxy 11. Oscar crossed the ball to his teammate. He headers the ball into the goal. It is now 3-2. We are coming back. Rooney scored a goal.  It is now 3-3. If we get another goal we will save the world. We scored another goal - that is the game!  Football did save the world!!

Feedback/feedfword I think you did lots of work on the description and I think you need to like add a link to the. Video

Monday, 22 August 2016

Book buddies

Book buddies is we're you chose a book and you start reading and you have a slide and you have to fill a slide and you have to put in what you read up to

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Pokemon Go

Once a pon a time there was this person he was playing Pokemon go he cacthed his best Pokemon mewtwo,Pinser,pikachu, and lucario some how they came to life then something put a speed on them and they turned bad some how he had to fight off against them ... Some how he avoided the Pokemon he parkored tree to tree there was a under ground base he saw someone then he turned around he knew how it was it was evil dr Cohen he saw him before he try to take over the world he had a pet Pokemon it was jultion so he fowlled him to his secret under ground base he made it in to the base he was looking for evil dr Cohen finally he found the control room and evil dr Cohen was trying to launch a nuke beside him was his pet guarding him so no one could stop him so some how he knocked out jultion and then stopped evil dr Cohen from launching the nuke he saved the hole world and evil dr Cohen went to a prison that was high security and he would never get out 

Monday, 1 August 2016

Sloth riding a car

Once upon a time there was a sloth. it had a family. His family abandend him so he went on. he was still a baby. he had 2 long arms 2 long legs and it had 3 claws on both of the arms. it had 4 claws on each of the legs so he went on to find his family. the sloth saw a car the sloth thought that the car was its family. so some how it started driving the car. so he rode everywhere with the car and then it finally new that the car wasn't it's family. so he hoped out of the car and there it was his hole intire family. he was excited that he saw his family so then something put a spell on them to make them move faster. and they would live in a big tree with beds and food and drinks and ice cream for desert with chocolate sauce. and they had lions as security guards in case someone try's to rob them. and take al of there food and drinks and beds so they lived happily ever after.