Sunday, 31 July 2016

Discovery time week 2

For discovery time today I did two things one of them were the imangens it is we're you get to build stuff you can build a base you can make guns you can make a house and then the last one is the pogo stick when I was on the pogo stick I helped people get on and start to bounce I am really good on the pogo I can go up the stairs and jump off the 3rd stair so my day went pretty well and I want to keep on helping people and trying to teach people how to start bouncing and doing really cool tricks the challenge for me was trying to go up the stairs because i can only go up one step so that challenge 😓

Sunday, 24 July 2016

Discovery time

Description: today we started discovery time this a new thing for the start of the term first I went on a pogo stick because we started a thing after lunch were we went with Troy and got cool stuff we were lucky enough to get the pogo sticks be has error went to rebel sports and them all there were 4 but one of them broke but now we have 3 and I am fine with that I learnt that if you are ever on a pogo stick you never give up because when I first started going on the pogo stick and I could only do 2 but then I kept on practicing now I can get over 89 and I did a trick were you have too twist it a round I did it a couple of times but some times I fell off and hit both of my elbows on the concrete and I got a little graze so you need a mat if you are new and you want to do a trick one day chase said too Troy that if we could whacth a video of dude perfect and I am getting really good on the pogo stick so if you are new whacth dude perfect because they do a hole lot of trick shots and I have the confidence in my body that i can do it so if I fell off I would get back up and try again until I have had enough and give it to someone else so they don't miss out on a turn then every one will get a turn if they pass over

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Math with Nic

Today we did reapeting patterns we had to meek a pattern then we would copy the other persons one here is a photo 

Sunday, 3 July 2016


desription: for seed2table we have been cooking and doing sicence on plants last week we cooked a main and desert and me troy.p trey amd chase were digging up to see if we could find any worms and we found heaps so we deacied to make a worm faimly and make a wall so they like have a home and then we would jently put them down and i found about five worms and when we finshed we would put coil over so they wont get to much sun and so they can move around ib the coil also we found centerpieds and we found two caterpillers so i reallly liked the gradning and found awsome things
Feedback I think you did well on the description.

Feedfword I think you need to put a image. Tayla 

Evaluation: next time I think I need to find a photo for blog posts so that people seen what I have been doing.  

Another good math session

Today for maths I did 2 hole whiteboards and some of them had 25 plus 3 then the other one was 45 plus 78 plus 21 and then the last one would be 34 plus 2 plus 46 plus 76 here is 2 photos of the whiteboards that i did and if you can zoom in close you can see the 4 number ones here are the photos