Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Good math session

Today for maths I did one whiteboard and there are some long ones I think I did well today with maths and that I need to keep on doing that here is a photo of the White broad that i did 

Monday, 27 June 2016

Jymnastics with Marj

Description today I went with marg,trey,Sebastian and Levi we were laering to stench our muscles then we would do rolle poles here is a video of me doing a rolle pole and trey teaching me how to do one and here is 2 videos instead of one video 

Feedback: I think I need more partiese for doing rolle poles

Feedford: I think next time i need a better video and the real video 

Evaluation I think I need to do more videos and get the real video 

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

E T Reo

Description: For E T Reo me and Cohen have been learning about moari fruit we have been searching up moari fruit and what it means in moari and we needed to go on pic collage and write down the words and copy the fruits in moari banana means Panama in moari and we have to write down five or ten words

Feedback: I think you did well on your description 
Feedword: next time I think you need to try get an image Jayden 

Evaluation I think I agree with Jayden I need to try get an image next time because I couldn't find a photo so that will be my goal for next time 

Sport start

For sport start we have been doing gateways and rainbow strike. and it is all about lhitting the ball and working as a team. Also getting the ball back and the point of the game is you have a group that is on the side line is trying to hit the ball far away to earn points and the other team  are trying to stop the people who are trying to hit the ball and the first line is one point and the middle one is two points and the last square is three points here is a video of rainbow strike

Feedback: I think you did go at talking about sports start.
Feedword: next time you should put a video on it. Azahra

Evaluation: I think I agree with azahra because I couldn't find a way to get the video on 

My best math portfolio sample

Description: for maths today I have been foucesd on my learning better then I have ever done I did my work on whiteboards and I got two hole  whiteboards done full with math and the last one was more so here are some photos of my work that I have done and evidence that I have been on track for  the hole math session

Evaluation: I think I did my math perfectly and I was on track that hole math session

Feedback: nice work Shaun
Feedword:make the photo a bit clearely billy

Monday, 20 June 2016


Description: for maths I have been learning to do dividibyes I did seem yesterday and the quistion was 35 dividibye 11 and I had to work it out with a teacher and I didn't quite get it so the teacher helped me work it out and then she would go and I would do it by myself and you have to put them in groups and I had to solve out another one and put it in my math but book sometimes I did it on the show me app here is a photo of some of the maths that I did but it is not dividibye it is plus and take away here is the photo of the math that I did

Sunday, 19 June 2016

Douglas park

Description: Last week on Tuesday dougles park came to our school. And we had a sports day to see if our school would keep the flag but sadly dougles park took the flag I was involved in soccer I was in the b team and we won 5 no or 6 no I forgot but my highlight would be passing because we were passing really good and that got us the goals and the goalkeeper was passing fansticly and was saving the goals and kicking the ball directly to us and looking for our team mates and then he would pass it or Kick it to us and I got a goal and Camden got 3 goals and my coach was James and he was the best coach ever I wish when we do this again next year James would be my coach and he was cheering us on

Feedback/feedfword I like how you explained a lot about your D.P.S day and you enjoyed soccer. Next time you could add a visual to really catch the eye. Tane

Evaluation: I think I did well and I agree with tane next time I do it I need to cheack this and make sure I catch the eye

Monday, 6 June 2016

cross contry goal

Description: today we have cross contry my goal for cross contry is to come in the top 10 and go into inter school and get in top 5 hopefully and if i achive doing that i will tell my parentes how i will acheiv it by never giving up

Feedback/feedfword. At cross-country, every student had the most determined attitude and DID NOT GIVE UP.  Shaun, I could tell that you ran as hard and fast as you could. I'm so proud of you.

Evaluation: I think I agree I did not give up and I kept on running and I came in the to