Monday, 4 April 2016


Description: potma did a active it was when we had to make a family tree and we had to write down how was in our family and it had to go like our grandad and our gramma then our dad and mum then when we wrote down our mum and dad we had to write down how there grandma and grandad was and then you had to write down your name with your sister or brother or baby brother here is a photo of my family tree.


Feedback: You have very clear photo of your well laid out tree. 

Feed forward: Next time could two trees with one for Mum and Dads side of your family

Evaluation: next time I can work on making my family tree bigger.

Jocks gone right

We read a story called liked by Paul Jennings in our writers notebooks we rote down any ideas that we could Stowe could write about it later we chose ideas from here and wrote about them using the PIES modle (persuade, inform, entertain, self). This is the result.

1. So on vallintimes day I got two chocolate bags one was normal chocolate and one was dog poo I picked the normal one of course and my mum chose the dog poo and my mum slowly picked the dog poo ate it next minute mum started spewing up in the tollit.

2. On my sisters birthday I put sinomin in my sisters cake and she spat it out like a king corbra trying to  kill his prey.

3. When you want to do a rko on your dad you just realized that you did it and then do a spear so fast your friend he didn't even know what happened and then he got nocked out.

4. When you get a new nerf gun and you rely want to shot your sister and the she cry's like there was a pack of wolfs waiting outside your bedroom and you have to stay in there for a week with no water and food and only a laptop and you have internet.

5. When your sister is a sleep you want to put her on a hover board and next minute she is stuck in the roof

Feedfword/feedback: I like how you made it a bit funny but you could add a bit more detail into he story. Houston