Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Camp portfolio post 2016

We went to El Rancho  camp and we did 10 active's we also were split into 10 group's here are the active's we all did archery,mini golf,water slide,rifles,horses,pool,low ropes,kyyack's,rafts,and team Initiative.
Here is a photo 

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Eye statman video

description: the last few da So we had to come. A eye stamen video one of them is when you walk past someone and then they call you s mean word and the other one is when you walk past them and they call you a mean word and then you go up to them and say hay I don't like it when you call me that mean word here is a video

My family tree

the people at Kapa Haka were waiting to go home while the Kapa Haka people were doing there thing the people how didn't go to Kapa Haka had to stay and do a family tree here is an example.

1. first we had to get paper and a pencil when you have got,those two things you need to start
2. You need to start writing it had to go grand perants you have to work your way down.
3. It then it had to go your mum and dad and write if they have any dads or mums.
4. Then you had to write your name and if you have any brothers or sisters you need to write them.
 Here is a photo of my faimly tree

Thursday, 3 March 2016

My one word 2016

Description: first we had to chose a word I chose sportmenship but first we had to get a photo taken by Elly by the amazing tree because I am Awsome my one word was Awsome and it fit I am so glad I am glader then anyone else I want to to this heaps of time. Sportsmanship is when you are looking out for people 

We had to do this Art we could do one word and I chose sporranship here is a photo of my one word when I am holding it

Feedback : I like the way you choose lots  of coulers
Feedforward: I think you should chose something harder next time 

My goals for camp

We are going on camp and these are my goals