Thursday, 10 December 2015

Drop cover hold

In a earthquake you need to pack food a tin can is the best because it doesn't go molede you also need a flashlight and some water

Math strategy

I did some maths and I am going to tell you how 24 times 14 how I worked it out is adding the 10 on to the 20 witch will be 30 and add the four and the other four together witch will be 8 so the ansaw is 38

Game review

6 small bubbles had to make a game out of scratch junior and gamefruit the people who didn't make a game was showing people around and asking questions during and before and after an earthquake a tin can is good because it doesn't go molde like a apple 

Walt: I will try and make a game and keep up with everyone next time I need to stay focused and be on track 

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

the last day of building inquiry

Today was the last day for building inquiry we had built a insect hotel when it was all finished we put next to the royal wolf container here is a picture of me camden and cohen's insect hotle