Thursday, 29 October 2015

Fear story

I was going on a hoiladay with my family me,mum,dad,katleyn and Liam now to get to the story I was going on a hoiladay by something went bad 2 times so I was in the car waiting to get to our house witch was on our hoiladay I was going across a bridge and suddenly I heard a crack I know we can get across this come on we can do this I siad in my mind I felt tearafried like I was going to die and finally we made it across know we arived at our house in 10 minutes yes 10 minutes somebody showed up I felt like a pithon snake biting my face and screaming like a girl so we had to get our stuff and leave I felt so sad I was a noodling pin binging nocked out and I got a black eye that is how much I felt when we had to leave but I fiannly went on a bridge almost dieing  and saw all the places that I haven't been before that I have pretty much seen  I got to see. That was my fear and I hope you read it.