Monday, 30 March 2015

My post

My maths 2

I think I am good at my 2 to 5 to 10 multipoicachin know I think I am very good at it and i am ready to move on to a nother hard thing that I haven't learned.

Wednesday, 25 March 2015



What did I do well:using my voice to make sound effects.

What I need to work on:using dialogue between characters.

My3d art

3d rooms
3 shapes and objects using our knowledge of 2d shapes.

Walt did I do well:doing my capert just make sure I full in the Miskito holes.

What I need to work on:is makeing sure there is no Miskito holes.

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Chocolate competition

Were are trying to not let poeple disracet us from our lerning there was no competition ice was trying to disracet us from our lerning with a song that was very loud and a jumbo drum and Susan tried to disracet us from our lerning Toby and arsra dident get disracet but he got every one in the class and I was very disracet us from our lerning and we did self angese see

My character writing


Purpose: To describe an interesting character so we can tell a story about them at the Marae stay.

WALT: Entertain (character description)


Think of a character you could write about.

Draw them.  

Introduce your character in an entertaining way.

Describe their looks.  

Describe their personality.  

I think/feel statement (Conclusion / Summary) 

Criteria: I can

Self Assessment

Descriptive vocabulary (words that help to SHOW the reader)

  • use a range of verbs

Language features (phrases that help paint a picture)

  • select one or two similes  .

  • use onomatopoeia to show sounds

  • select words that start with the same sound (alliteration) 

My writing is 2-3 paragraphs (100 - 200 words)

Learning Partner Comment

Feedback: I love the way you use arrange of verbs.

Feedforward: Next times elect one or two similes.


Overall, how well do you think your learning partner has done?


Ninga best is spiky like knifes,his hair is like a sharks jaws,his arms are ponty like panthers teeth,but his toes have six toes instead of five toes. Also his body is like a gints sord,his legs are spikea then a tigers claw.

Shaun's backstroke

voice over or written points of: 
“Here are some tips in how to swim backstroke: 
1. pointed toes, 
straight knees, 
kicking from your bottom, 
fingers together, 
bring your arm up straight and past your ear, 
pinky finger in first. 
Head relaxed in an upward position."

How am I going? I am going really good and I am challiging my self

What am I doing well? I am doing my swimming video good and hard
I can...
What do I need to work on? I need to work on keeping my head out of the water  and swing my arms backwards and kick at the same time
I need to work on...keeping. My head out of the water and swing my arms backwards and kick at the same time.


Sticks help me because I grab one to ten groups of sticks also there is five in each group and I call the sets instead of groups

Monday, 9 March 2015

Welcome to my blog

WALT Inform (entertaining and persuading our audience to visit our blog)

- welcome to our blog!
- show pictures of some of your learning (butterflies etc.)
- who are you friends?
- things you like (paper planes!)
- places we like to play
- 45seconds

What did I do well?
I showed the class room what we did.                                                                                                       What i can I approve next time. I can do it on time like the rest of the class.

Thursday, 5 March 2015

My butterfly

We are learning about symmetry. It is were you do some colours on each side but you have to make sure is the same on each side other wise it is not symmetry
To be successful we needed to make sure 
- the patterns and colours were the same on each side,
- there were no 'mosquito holes' in the colour,
- we used black pastel to finish off the outline (to make it go POP!)

How did I go? 
- The best part was could ring in because it was hard and i like hard because it is challiging

- I need to improve on / Next time...I need to do two or coulers on each side and make sure there is no white spaces

Me spelling